Frankie Manning’s Centennial Savoy Ball May 23, 2014 Honoring Dawn Hampton, Queen of the Ball (1928-2016)

& Frankie Manning’s 85th Birthday 1999 at Roseland Ballroom

In Memoriam Dawn Hampton.

Dawn Hampton, Our Queen of the Ball died on September 25, 2016, in New York City. She was born 1928, Middletown, Ohio.

Review of Frankie Manning’s Centennial Ball.


Wow – the night is over.  Frankie’s Centennial Savoy Ball was a huge success and a great way to remember and honor Frankie Manning. This web site is still being updated and includes historical information concerning two of his New York City Birthday Celebrations presented by New York Lindy Hoppers for New York Lindy Hoppers.

Frankie was honored in many ways: we showed rare videos of Frankie from his 1999 85th Birthday at Roseland Ballroom, George Gee focused on playing Frankie’s Savoy style music, a new generation of teen-aged big band musicians and Lindy Hoppers who will carry big band and Lindy Hop to the future performed, and the Ball was honored by the presence and performances of Dawn Hampton, Ryan Francois, and Chester Whitmore who was a surprise visitor.  The Edison Ballroom was spectacular and the guests were stunning. Dandy Wellington was smashing a a master of ceremonies.

This was a memorable night, which was infused with the spirit of a special man, and will be remembered by all. Thank you Frankie – you changed the lives of all of us and we will never forget you. Thanks for bringing us together.

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We will be updating this site with an archive of the spectacular performances.

Savoy Ball Official Program Designed by Paolo Lanna

Frankie’s Centennial Savoy Ball
Friday May 23, 2014
The Edison Ballroom 240 West 47th Street

featuring live music and dancing with:
* George Gee 17-Piece Swing Orchestra *
* Jazz at Lincoln Center Youth Orchestra *
* Queen of the Ball: Dawn Hampton *
Dawn Hampton, Ryan Francois, and John Dokes Performing Splanky
Video of Frankie’s 1999 Birthday Dance at his 85th at Roseland
Video honoring Dawn Hampton By Stuart Math
Roddy Caravella and the Varsity Syncopators
Syncopated City Dance Company
Ryan Francois With Syncopated City
Video of Norma and Frankie from 85th Dancing to George Gee Band Live
Video of Frankie and Chazz from 85th Dancing to George Gee Band Live
Chester Whitmore (surprise live performance)
Pedro Giraudo and his Mala Junta Tango Trio
Dandy Wellington and His Band
Lindy DJ Tomo
Tango-Swing DJ Anthony Blackwell
After Midnight – Argentine Tango Spectacular Interlude
Argentine Tango Star Dancers Jorge Torres & Maria Blanco
Vocalist Hector Pablo Pereyra with
Pedro Giraudo’s Mala Junta Trio

Buffet and Premium Open Bar all night

8:00 PM to 2:00 AM
Doors Open at 7:30 PM

On May 23, 2014, Zort Music presented FRANKIE’S CENTENNIAL SAVOY BALL at the elegant 1930s-era Edison Ballroom (formerly the “Supper Club”) featuring live music and dancing to the sounds of The George Gee 17-piece Swing Orchestra (performing authentic swinging music of the Savoy-style), plus the acclaimed Jazz at Lincoln Center Youth Orchestra! In the up-stairs lounge, enjoy more music and dancing by The Dandy Wellington Band as well an authentic Argentine Tango band. The Ball was organized by New York City Swing Dancers for New York City Swing Dancers.

THE EDISON BALLROOM – Return to the Supper Club

Edison in the 30sFor over ten years, the Edison Ballroom was known as the “Supper Club” and was the venue of choice in the 1990s swing era revival in New York City, running every Friday and Saturday until 4 AM. The Savoy Ball is a one-time opportunity to return to the Supper Club, this time with Savoy swing music and at a classy black tie/vintage occasion. The Edison Ballroom has all the feel and spirit of a1930s Ballroom – which indeed is what it is. In 1998, Frankie blessed this dance floor when he danced and performed in the Public Broadcasting Service’s televised documentary “Swingin’ With the Duke.”

The entire dance floor of the Edison was open for dancing, considered by many to be one of the best and largest in town (and a little larger than Terminal 5!). A live tango orchestra and swing band performed on a second dance floor in the Lounge.

TRIFECTA – three event weekend!
Frankie’s Centennial Savoy Ball, kicked off the Frankie Trifecta… three premium events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Frankie Trifecta is a collaboration of New York City swing dance producers and is separate from the Frankie 100 Festival. More info at

ZORT MUSIC (Alan Sugarman) was the Executive Producer of the Savoy Ball.  Alan produced Frankie’s 85th Birthday Celebration at Roseland Ballroom in New York City, attracting 1800 dancers on one dance floor. Frankie 85 at Roseland was the largest Frankie Birthday Celebration attended by Frankie.

Patrick Soluri of Prohibition Productions, Paolo Lanna (Swing Remix), Stuart Math, Karen Goldstein, Eva Carozza, George Gee, Evita Arce and many others were instrumental in bringing to fruition this special evening.

Special personal thanks to Dawn Hampton, Ryan Francois, Chester Whitmore, and George Gee who remained firm in their support of the Centennial Savoy Ball and demonstrated their principled support of Lindy Hop in the spirit of Frankie Manning.

Jane Kratchovil provide stunning photographs of the night.  Thank you Jane.

This event was not sponsored by, nor is a part of, the Frankie 100 Festival. We of course support the Festival. Please do not forget to donate to the Frankie Manning Foundation or spread Lindy Hop and honor the memory of Frankie Manning in your own way.