We will try to answer your questions on this page, rather than in a blog or in e-mails.

How is the Savoy Ball related to Frankie 100?
The Savoy Ball was planned to accommodate the demand from those in New York and around the world who wish to celebrate Frankie’s Centennial, and were unable to obtain tickets to Frankie 100 at Terminal 5. We support Frankie 100 but are not connected financially with them.

If I do not have tickets to Frankie 100, should I still travel to New York from another country or state? Of course. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, the Frankie Trifecta events will keep you dancing – until you are worn out. Plus, there are Frankie 100 events that are open to the public – either free or by ticket. So, come to New York City and meet dancers  from around the world. And, New York City is a great place to dance – enjoy other dance venues with tango and salsa, and enjoy Broadway shows and jazz venues.

What are the other events coordinating with the Savoy Ball?
The Frankie Trifecta are the following three events:
FRIDAY May 23d – The Frankie Centennial Savoy Ball at the Edison Ballroom
SATURDAY May 24th – Stomp for Frankie, a Swingin’ Jubilee at the JCC in Manhattan
SUNDAY May 25th – Celebrating Frankie by the NY Swing Dance Society

What if I do not want the open bar and buffet at the Savoy Ball?
The owners of the Edison Ballroom will only allow events which include food and an open bar. Yet, still, the Savoy Ball is a great value – we will feature a full big band plus other bands, an open bar and buffet, and two open dance floors in an historic, beautifully restored 1930s-era ballroom. The Edison is one of the LAST remaining Ballrooms in New York City that is still in use as a Dance Hall. It’s breathtaking, but it’s also very expensive to run and keep alive in this city. In Addition, you will enjoy 6 hours of Savoy style big band music and dancing festivities! .

What if I or my partner do not dance? No worries! This will be a great hang out, especially in the upstairs lounge.

Do I need to wear a tuxedo or vintage clothing?
This is a requirement – no T-shirts, jeans, knit shirts, shorts etc. A nice suit and tie and shoes will be accepted.

Do I need to be over 21?
Yes, and expect to be carded at the door.