The Grit Grinders at Frankie 85

  • F85-GritGrinders-B-1-3-#3

  • F85-GritGrinders-F-1-1-#9

This performance was danced live to the sounds of the George Gee Orchestra playing the Fats Waller tune, Lulu’s Back in Town.

Members of the Grit Grinders played important roles in Frankie 85. Grit Grinder founder Janice Wilson found and arranged for the installation of the golden stage backdrop

– indeed, a theatrical prop from the movie “Mambo Kings” and managed all decorations. Denise See designed the Program Book. Michele Redway organized hot catered food all night for the bands and dancers. And Paolo Lanna was the master graphics designer – the logo, advertising posters, official poster, program cover, T-Shirts and more.